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Estancia Mendoza Syrah 750Ml

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Syrah is a big, thick-skinned grape that originates in the Rhone Valley, yet has found a home in hot climate regions all over the world.

Argentinian Syrah is heavy with blackberries and raspberries, yet has powerful tannin and bracing acidity.

Argentinian Syrah is not a widely available wine style. The grape is typically blended with Malbec, and creates as fabulous response to the huge Australian Cabernet/Shiraz blend.

Argentina’s wine industry has enormous potential. The diverse climate, abundance of land and the global embrace of Malbec will pave the way for the development of a wide range of varietals.

This Syrah needs big, hearty food to keep it happy. Think roasted lamb, venison, winter stews, and any pepper-heavy sauces.

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