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Trivento Birds N Bees Sweet White 750Ml

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This wine has the citrus flavours of tropical fruits like mangoes and pineapples, hinted with the aromas of pear, ripe


Long before history was written, Mendoza was inhospitable. The desolate landscape was beaten by two uniquely ferocious winds, savage to the point of nearly toppling the Andes Mountains. Until the appearance of a third, wind that joined forces with the other two. Surprisingly, rather than creating a larger storm; calm ensued, and life followed. Rains arrived, and then warm sun and a fresh breeze. Mendoza flourished, and the three winds created a terroir ideal for grape growing. This is the reason we remain here, to produce wines with an epic origin.

Trivento is the Argentine affiliate of the Viña Concha y Toro Family of Wineries and a symbol of premium Argentine wine. Since 1996, Trivento has built up an exclusive portfolio of wines that preserve the character of the Mendoza terroir and challenge the temperament of the winds. “Trivento” means three winds: The Polar, Zonda and Sudestada winds blow across the sunny and arid land of Mendoza.

The POLAR wind blows in icy and dry from the South, announcing the onset of winter. The first cold fronts indicate the time for pruning has begun. The ZONDA wind descends from the Andes year round, but its frequency peaks in spring. It’s gusts of hot and dry air improve budding on the vine. The SUDESTADA wind is the fresh breeze of summer. Cloudiness allows clusters to rest from the broiling sun. This ensures equilibrium in the grapes’ metabolism and leads to uniform ripening.

The continuing research and investment in technology, infrastructure and know-how position the winery among the principal exporters of bottled wine in Argentina, and have established the brand as Argentina’s top selling brand in the world since 2020. *IWSR 2020

Winemaker: Germán Di Césare, Maximiliano Ortiz, Magdalena Viani and Rafael Miranda

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