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Top Five Chenin Blanc 750Ml

KSh 785.00

Refreshingly easy to drink white wine tropical fruit flavours; crisp and inviting. Perfect when served with starters, fish and good company. It can also be enjoyed when chilled and served on its own.



Tasting Notes

ColorWine straw green color.

TasteThe taste of wine is well structured, smooth, with hints of pineapple, plum and quince, delicate mineral nuances in the aftertaste.

AromaThe aroma of wine is dominated by shades of fresh fruit (stone fruit, citrus) and honey.

GastronomyThe wine goes well with seafood, white fish, risotto, vegetables and pasta.

Interesting Facts

The line of wines “Top Five” (“Top 5”) is devoted to the true beauty of the five most dangerous animals on the African continent. All five wines of the line offer a truly unique experience to experienced wine lovers.
“Top Five” Chenin Blanc symbolizes the African rhino. Grapes for making wine are grown in the Western Cape in the vineyards of the economy “Devon View”. Harvested by hand in late February, in the cool morning hours. Fermentation and aging of wine are held in stainless steel tanks with an open top. “Top Five” Chenin Blanc is recommended to be served well chilled and decant 15-30 minutes before serving.



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Western Cape, South Africa




Top Five


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