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Tilia Chardonnay White 750Ml

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Chardonnay is the third most widely planted grape in the world, and its cultivation is viewed as being the “rite of passage” for any emerging wine growing region.

Argentinian Chardonnay tends to be planted in cooler regions of the Andes, resulting in a more mineral-heavy, vegetative style of wine.

Chardonnay has its home in Burgundy, specifically in and around the town of Chablis, where it is almost exclusively planted. Despite its popularity in the region it is still muscled out by Pinot Noir.

Argentina is very fond of Chardonnay because it has adapted extremely well to the climate. After America’s exhausted love affair with butter-on-toast Chardonnay, Argentina has come to provide a very different style of the wine.

Argentinian Chardonnay should be considered closer to Burgundy than California when it comes to food pairing. Think lobster, salmon and scallops all the way.

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