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Leleshwa Sweet White Wine 750Ml

KSh 1,199.00

Leleshwa Sweet White Wine is a consistent and complex blend of first class grain and malt whiskies, all of which have been given the time to mature. Comprising malts that are typically older than those used in competitor’s standard brands, Leleshwa Sweet White Wine tends to be much smoother and more mellow.


20 years ago, experts told the good people at Kenya Nut Company they couldn’t grow grapes in this part of the world. They decided to prove them wrong, so they planted a vineyard at Morendat. Lying along the equator, the grapes enjoy the warmth of the invigorating sun. Temperatures range from a cool 6° to a tropical 32° Celsius, and annual rainfall is 500 to 600mm. This equatorial climate allows each grape to mature and ripen slowly, patiently developing every nuance of its fine fruity taste.

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