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La Cacciatora Chianti 750Ml Red Wine Blend

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The most commonly consumed wine in Italy, and interestingly, the most commonly consumed Italian wine in the world, Chianti is emblematic of what Italy means to the world of wine.

Fermented primarily from Sangiovese, fresh cherry, strawberries, and red plum pleasure the senses when enjoying this wine.

Winemakers have spent the last couple of decades trying to change the old image of Chianti: Wine bottles in wicker basket, interestingly also called fiascoes. They’ve done so by by producing very nice wines through state of the art growing and fermentation techniques.

Chianti is a red wine that comes from Tuscany, but can contain small amounts of white grapes during blending. This is not the case with Chianti Classico, which must be solely made from red Sangiovese grapes.

Chianti is not considered to age well, and loses steam quickly. Find the youngest bottle you can to get the most out of its vibrance.

This wine is versatile and its high acidity allows it to be eaten with a wide range of foods. Enjoy Chianti best with fast food, pizza, red pasta, and salami sandwiches.

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