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Gato Negro Chardonnay 1.5Ltr

KSh 1,689.00

Gato Negro Chardonnay. A crisp blend of tropical fruit aromas with peach, banana and wood tones.

Colour: Golden yellow

Tasting Notes: It has tropical aromas with notes of peach, banana & wood. It has balanced acidity and a long nice finish

Gato Negro Chardonnay pairs well with pasta, fish and shellfish.


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Chardonnay is the third most widely planted grape in the world, and its cultivation is viewed as being the “rite of passage” for any emerging wine growing region.

Chilean Chardonnay thrives in the cooler areas, and tends to have moderate acidity, tropical fruit notes and a striking minerality.

Chardonnay has its origins in the famous Burgundy region of France. It is an extremely versatile grape and grows in abundance all over the world.

Chilean Chardonnay is a cool climate specialist. The regions of Limari, San Antonio and Casablanca have become well known for their fabulous (and very reasonably priced) Chardonnays.

A Chilean Chardonnay won’t taste like Napa Chardonnay. It is more similar to a Sauvignon Blanc but with more tropical fruit and apple-pear flavors. Given the heavy minerality and noticeable acidity, Chilean Chardonnay should pair nicely with dense fish dishes, white meats and possibly some scallops or lobster.


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Gato Negro


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