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Franschhoek 750ml Baker Station Shiraz

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The big, luscious Syrah grape is one of the darlings of the New World wine varietals. Originally from the Rhone Valley, this grape has found its home in dry, hot climates.

South African Syrah tends to be heavy in blackberry and plum, with a voluptuous full body and a good dose of tannin.

Syrah (or Shiraz as it’s also known) is an extremely robust grape that loves hot weather. While it originated in the Rhone Valley, many believe that it is being perfected in the Barossa region of Australia.

Every region along the beautiful Western Cape of South Africa produces Syrah, and warmer, drier areas further inland such as Swartland, have started to embrace the grape.

Syrah loves dancing with bold foods that can stand up to their often-assertive personalities. BBQ’d steak, ribs, roasts, and game would all pair extremely well with a big South African Syrah.

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Western Cape, South Africa


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