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Bicicleta Cabernet Sauvignon 750Ml

KSh 1,149.00

Intense ruby red colour, generous body, tannins in quantity and quality and excellent cellaring potential. Main descriptors: Gooseberry, blackberry, cherry, plum; chocolate, wood, toasted, leather, coffee.”


Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely grown grape in the New World. Cabs from Chile have an elegance and earn great respect due to the complexity and diversity of characteristics, stemming from nuances of what the Chilean landscape gives to the grape.

Thick skins lead to classicly high tannins, and strong red and black fruit-forward characteristics on both the nose and palate.

The grape originates from France and is one of the 5 original grapes of Bordeaux. Chemical compound in the grape give it a distinct note of green peppers.

This wine loves to be aged in oak. Chilean Cabs usually age in American oak for 1-2 years which gives them classic hints of vanilla, spice, and tobacco.

The really fun thing about Chilean Cabs is that you can get a wide variety of flavors on the palate depending on where in the country they originate. One should spend time getting to know the differences that Chilean Cabs have to offer.

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13.5 %



Central Valley




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