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Aragosta 750Ml Vino Spumante Brut

KSh 1,749.00

Aragosta is a fine, dry spumante made from the Sardinian white wine grape variety Vermentino.

Bright color and medium persistent perlage. Dry on the palate with a typical mildness and lightness.



Aragosta Brut is a sparkling wine obtained from grapes of white grape varieties of the area processed with the Charmat method. The vineyards selected for this wine are located in the oldest vineyard areas of Santa Maria La Palma.
This sparkling wine represents for the company, a union between the old and new generations of winemakers, a growth path capable of giving continuity and recognition to an imported wine such as Vermentino Aragosta, which, in recent years, has written the history of this winery and has made it successful.

Colour: pale straw yellow with fine and persistent perlage.


Bouquet: intense and floral with notes of white pulp fruit and with a pleasant fragrance of bread crust.
Taste: fresh, elegant with a long and persistent finish.
Pairings: Excellent as an aperitif and pleasant throughout the meal with dishes based on shellfish and fish.
Serving temperature: 6 ° C – 8 ° C
Alcohol: 11.5% vol.
At Santa Maria la Palma, there are no counts, barons or marquises. Instead, there are numerous families of humble winemakers. Fifty years ago, these winemakers were allocated a series of uncultivated plots near the city of Alghero. Rather than a silver spoon, they had strong arms, straight backs, passion and commitment. Together, they tilled the soil and planted the vines. Working side by side, they harvested the grapes and built a cellar complex. These plots were ideal for vines, with great soil, plenty of sun and the sea nearby. They chose the grape types they wanted to grow, combining some well-known names with some lesser-known jewels. Today, 326 growers contribute to the winery. We are the children and grandchildren of those who first tilled those clods of earth, with their own hands, many years ago. Nobility is to be found in hard work and in the fruits of that labour. For this reason, our nobility is in the wines we make.


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